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Our Purpose
LeMaitre Vascular provides surgeons and interventionalists around the world with innovative devices and information so that they can diagnose and heal the sick. We believe society and the marketplace will judge and reward LeMaitre Vascular based on our ability to achieve this purpose.

Our Three Constituents
Our primary pledge is to our customer, the surgeon/interventionalist. Our customers seek to buy the most effective therapeutic devices available, and we must continue to provide them with innovative products and techniques to meet their needs. Founded by a vascular surgeon, we have always emphasized a close working relationship with practitioners to help us bring such products and techniques to market. Our success depends upon continuing our partnership with all surgeons and interventionalists.

Our secondary obligation is to ourselves, LeMaitre Vascularís employees. We strive to create a demanding yet fun work environment by emphasizing teamwork and decentralizing decision-making. This should be the best job each of us has ever had.

Our final obligation is to our stockholders, who need to be rewarded for their investment.

Our Five Business Principles
We please customers - We will provide our customers with products and services that delight and surprise.

We're honest - Our employees will choose the ethical alternative. In dealing with our customers and our suppliers, our most precious asset is our good name and reputation.

We compete & cooperate - Our team is a very competitive one, and we strive to beat our competitors in all ways. We want to be in first place. Within LeMaitre Vascular, however, cooperation is mandatory: information and spirit must be shared throughout the team.

We experiment - Daring and adventure are paramount to designing innovative products and implementing effective business practices. Mistakes will be tolerated, if not encouraged. Problems are learning opportunities.

We're fiscally prudent - We aim to attain our goals using a conservative financial structure.

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