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Why LeMaitre Vascular Was Established
George D. LeMaitre, MD, a practicing vascular surgeon, was not satisfied with the devices that were available to him in his own practice.
After years of trying to sell his idea for a valve-cutting instrument to a large, established company without success, Dr. LeMaitre began working with an engineer to design the device himself. His first creation was a type of valvulotome that could be used to cut valves in peripheral veins without the burdensome requirement of direct vision. By using this device, a vascular surgeon could prepare veins for arterial bypass, with smaller incisions and less tissue trauma. Dr. LeMaitre was so pleased with the success of this instrument that he felt other vascular surgeons might also want to know about it. As a result, Dr. LeMaitre started a small company in 1983 to introduce his device to his colleagues. Over the years, other devices developed by Dr. LeMaitre and other practitioners have been added to the growing list of devices now available from LeMaitre Vascular.

A Focus on Core Competencies
LeMaitre Vascular designs and manufactures devices for vascular surgeons. This is where we have significant clinical and technological expertise. The company has purposely avoided investment in areas that would simply increase the number of products that we sell. Instead, we have focused our efforts on research and development and strategic acquisitions within the field of vascular medicine.

We are dedicated to providing innovative products to vascular surgeons. By producing better devices, we seek to improve procedure efficacy and reduce patient recovery time.

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