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Research & Development
One of the primary objectives of LeMaitre Vascular is to provide surgeons and interventionalists with information and innovative devices so they can diagnose and treat their patients more effectively.
We accomplish this by dedicating resources to understanding and solving problems commonly faced by vascular surgeons in their daily practice. LeMaitre Vascular is supported by an active research and development (R&D) team, staffed by experienced and highly trained engineers. Their primary focus is to take the problems and challenges placed before them and turn them into solutions. The nature of the solution may be a new device, a new way to use a device, or a refinement of a device or procedure.

LeMaitre's new product ideas come from several sources. Surgeons and interventionalists bring their ideas to LeMaitre Vascular with the objective of having us develop those ideas into products. Many new product concepts or ideas for improvements to our existing devices also come from people inside the company. These evolve from both our thorough understanding of a procedure and our knowledge of how new technologies can be adapted to our products. Whether product concepts originate inside or outside the company, LeMaitre's engineers treat them with the same high level of respect and care.

Tell Us About Your Ideas
LeMaitre Vascular is always interested in hearing about product ideas in the area of vascular surgery. If you have an idea you would like to present to us, please contact Ryan Connelly, Vice President, R & D via our Contact Us form.

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