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AnastoClip GC® & AnastoClip® AC Closure System
AnastoClip GC - "Grippier" Clips for a More Secure Grip
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AnastoClip AC
Now Available in 8 & 15cm Lengths

AnastoClip GC and AnastoClip AC Closure Systems are designed to provide rapid and precise vascular anastomosis. The AnastoClip GC Closure System has new "grippier" clips that create a more secure vascular anastomosis. Both AnastoClip GC and AnastoClip AC Clips are placed in an interrupted fashion to facilitate a compliant anastomosis. The interrupted placement of the clips allows the anastomosis to contract and expand to accommodate pulsatile flow.

AnastoClip GC & AnastoClip AC
  • Multiple sizes enable perfect sizing for a variety of applications
  • Rotating ergonomic handle provides for secure grip and device
        maneuverability of device.
  • Interrupted, Compliant Anastomotic Line
  • Fewer Revisions to Maintain Functional Patency**
  • Reduced procedure time***

  • Benefits of the AnastoClip GC:
  • Grippier AnastoClip GC clips feature 50% higher retention force. The new design penetrates the vessel wall to create a more secure anastomosis.*

  • AnastoClip AC - Now Cleared for Dural Closure†:
  • Offered in 8cm and New 15cm length.
  • Significantly reduced closure time
  • No CSF leakage from suture holes
  • Immediate hydrostatic strength
  • Ease of use in anatomically restricted areas
  • † Reference Models & Specs for Neuro models available.

  • AV fistulas
  • Peripheral bypass grafting
  • Arteriotomy and venotomy
  • Vessel repair
  • AnastoClip AC - Cleared for Dural Closure
  • A study in the Journal of Vascular Surgery concluded that the AnastoClip: “…significantly improved patency and reduced revision rates for clipped AVF compared with conventionally sutured constructs.”**

    * Data on file with LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.

    ** Shenoy S, Miller A, Peterson F, et al: A Multicenter study of permanent hemodialysis patency: Beneficial effect of clipped vascular anastomotic technique. J Vasc Surg 2003;38:229-35.

    *** Baguneid M, Goldner S, etal: A comparison of para-anastomotic compliance after vascular anastomosis: Non penetrating clips versus standard sutures. J Vasc Surg 2001;33:812-20.

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